Issues relating to driving, getting drivers licenses and staying current, and similar issues.

Unread post by Ya'ara » Fri Sep 30, 2005 4:51 am

Welcome Joe!!! Glad to meet you. This is a fun group that gives great support... I know you'll like it.



Unread post by Michael » Fri Sep 30, 2005 5:13 am

Welcome to the board my friend..... You assuredly will not be alone here.


Unread post by soft_whisperss » Fri Sep 30, 2005 9:06 pm

Hey Joe and greetings from North Carolina. We're glad you found us. We're in the process of getting our own chat room which will be sooooo cool. I didn't think DMV would issue a CDL to a monocular person. Anyway, keep posting!

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Unread post by AliciaGrosso » Sat Oct 01, 2005 11:12 pm

Hey, Joe!

Wear your safety glasses? YEAH you do!!

I found this wonderful group of people in the summer of 03 and this has been a source of comfort, support and friendship.

I'm hoping there will be enough of us soon to start planning that get-together-thing in Vegas...

I'm glad you found Lost Eye.



Unread post by soft_whisperss » Mon Oct 03, 2005 9:44 pm

Hey Joe,

That would be great. I own a charter bus service in North Carolina, and I just "assumed" that a CDL wouldn't be issued to someone like me with an impaired eye. I know that state laws would differ, but now you got me to thinking. I just might call the license bureau and ask them. I wouldn't dream of actually driving a tour bus, but it would be nice to know I had my CDL with a "P" endorsement. :wink: