few questions for prosthesis & peg veterans

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few questions for prosthesis & peg veterans

Unread post by tacwitch » Wed Aug 23, 2006 1:48 pm

I have a peg and just got my 3rd prosthesis. I am really wondering about my new ocularist. I have had to use 3 different people because of moving so each eye has been by someone different.

When this one was being finished my socket got swollen from all the taking it in and out. It looked great that day but the next few days at home it got more & more loose and now I am wearing the old eye 'cause I'm afraid it would fall out. It also itched like crazy. My peg has drifted off-center toward the inside, so yeah it is hard to fit. The new eye iris looks better but it obviously doesn't fit as well as the old eye. The new ocularist is almost a 6 hour drive away and this is getting rediculous. I am wondering if I should cut my losses and wear my old eye til I can go back to one of the people I've seen before.

1. the 2 previous ocularists took more time and care then this one. I am used to them meticulously using wax to get the fit just right, then adding a bit of plastic here, grinding some off there. This person didnt use wax during the final fit, just does it by sight: put it in, look at it, grind away some plastic and hope for the best! :? Do your ocularists use wax alot or can they actually finalize the fit by sight?

2. I can rotate my new eye in place around the peg a little bit. I seem to remember the other ocularists specifically making sure it doesn't rotate, this one just fussed at me for rubbing it once, saying "don't rub that way, it'll rotate...". I am thinking, BS! Rotating is definitely sign of a bad fit isnt it?

My new ocularist is kind of irritating to work with. Tries to talk me into thinking it is fine, rather than put much effort on making it fit right. So my problem is swelling this time. I am thinking of giving her *one more chance* - going back with steroid drops or whatever to make sure it doesn't get swollen this time. I can't take much more of the drive or of the ocularist though, but if I don't keep trying, I'm out an extra $2500 and probably can't arrange a trip to my old ocularist for a year or so :cry: Thanks for any help or advise!


Unread post by jperciak » Sun Aug 27, 2006 8:09 am

Sorry I do not have any advice I am Just learning<

I have questions i will put out there....
what is a peg? do you find some ocularist are better than others? What should I look for (that is to be a good /great ocularist?_ , remember I have a 3 month old?

Thank you,


Unread post by Wkdangel22 » Sun Aug 27, 2006 10:08 am

Hello Tacwitch and welcome to the board - dont think ive spoken to you before!

Poor you - your ocularist just doesn't seem right really - I am aware that different ocularists have different methods - but all of their prime concerns should be to make a prosthetic that you feel comfortable and happy with. My ocularist offered to make my eye as many times as I liked until he got it right - luckily the first eye he made was perfect!

I don't think your new prosthetic should rotate to the point that you think it's gonna fall out - that is just poor! How about a phone call to your new ocularists practice and telling them the situation with the eye that has been made - I appreciate it a long way but a good ocularist would ask you to come down and fix the problem for you!

Don't let your ocularist talk you into thinking your eye is fine - remember that it's not him that's wearing it hun - it's you and it's your money paying for it!

I don't think you should be wearing a prosthetic that is hard to fit for a year until you can get another appointment with an old ocularist! :? Call your new one and be persistant and make sure you get what you feel comfortable with before you leave =)
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Unread post by Marmalade » Sun Aug 27, 2006 6:28 pm

I don't know anything about pegs but I do know that prosthesis twisting round is normal but how easily it twists depends on the socket shape. I was told that if I needed to wipe my eye, to wipe towards the nose as wiping the other way is likely to twist the prosthesis.

Having said that, it shouldn't be so loose as to fall out. If it does, or you feel it will, then it obviously needs adjusting.



Unread post by tacwitch » Wed Aug 30, 2006 1:07 pm

Thanks for the advice and support y'all (yes Im a southern gal!) Sorry Jessica I don't know much except my own experience above. You probably cannot tell just by meeting with them a couple times, whether an ocularist would be good, or I obviously wouldn't be in the situation I'm in now. :( I'll consider answering PMs as to the ocularists I have seen - but I am not sure what kind of trouble I could get in by naming the one I've been complaining about.

A peg is an add-on that is done after the enucleation heals and you have a prosthetic made. The peg helps attach the prosthetic to the implant and gives the eye more natural movement. The drawback is they seem to cause more infections, which has been my case.

Oh, I won't be wearing the poorly fitting eye at all - I still have my 9-yr-old 2nd eye which I am still wearing. It fits OK, it just needs a few smalll tweaks and I know you are supposed to have them re-made peroidically.

An update - I called my new occularist to see about scheduling an appt. so she could see how bad it fits and decide what to do. I said I was not wearing it anymore because of how irritating it was and how it seemed like it would fall out after 3 days of wearing it. I ended up getting in an argument with her. She insisted that I should wear it so that my socket will change, and I said I would not, I don't want my socket to change, for one it will mean many more long trips to get it adjusted right, which I don't have time for. (Been there done that with my 1st eye) My socket has been OK for 9 yrs - she needs to make an eye that fits right. She also wanted me to use a quack remedy from the dark ages to control my swelling and infections, and acted like I would be partly to blame if I use something from my eye dr. instead. That was almost the last straw, but wait. Over the weekend I got the new eye out of its storage container, just to look at it again and compare to my old one. Only then did I notice that the lower edge is completely rough and unpolished, no wonder it was itching, it was probably rubbing part of my socket raw. That is it, I have had it. :evil: I figure my money is already gone on a lost cause if she that bad, so why waste more of my life on 10-hour round trips. I am visiting my family in a couple weeks and luckily have managed to schedule a consultation w/ my old ocularist. I won't have enough time off work to go see her for a new eye, for quite some time, but I can at least get a professional opinion on what should be done and its a start :) I've worn this one so long already I doubt one more year will make much difference.

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Unread post by mcgyver74 » Wed Aug 30, 2006 1:21 pm

Wow I can't believe they would do that to you.

If that was me, I'd be having a blowout argument with that occularist and Id probably sue for my $ back. I'd document everything he/she said/did and then use that. There is NO reason an eye should have a rough edge like that, and when you asked for it to be fixed it should have been done.

Search for another occularist, I know it's going to be difficult toget to one, but you will probably be happier in the long run. In the meantime it's time to tell this one to go shove.... :(


Unread post by Jon » Fri Sep 01, 2006 1:35 am

Hi Tacwitch, I have had exactly the same problem. I used the same ocularist for the last 20 years. I then visited a new one about a year ago; he used no wax during any of the fittings and spent more time expounding his own perceived greatness than fitting the eye correctly. As a result I have spent the last year with an itchy and poor fitting eye. Everytime I went back to the charlatan he kept telling me that everything would settle down. I got tired of waiting after a year and I went back to my old ocularist who had one look at the eye and began shaking her head in disbelief. The upshot is that I am having a new eye made by my old ocularist. To hell with the money.

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Unread post by mcgyver74 » Fri Sep 01, 2006 11:17 am

If that's the case, I'd file a complaint agains't the bad occularist,,,,MAbye take him to small claims court to get the $ you paid for the prosthetic back. If it doesn't fit right you have the right to get it fixed...and if your old occularist was shaking his/her head then it's obvious that it is substandard work :(

Glad to hear you are getting a new one from your old occularist...

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