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Unread post by infinite9 » Fri Mar 08, 2013 11:38 pm

Sup guys

I found this site today while I'm trying to get my CDL in New York. I havent taken the written tests yet but now Im worried about the Federal medical I have to take.

I was born with vision in only one eye. My left eye, I believe is 20/30 and my right eye is a complete blur. Id probably need a telescope to see anything.

Seeing with only one eye is all Ive known my whole life. Im ok playing Baseball and basketball. Handball? no way. When driving its slightly more work since i have to turn my head further to see my right side mirror and seeing over my right shoulder is more work.
Also, I tend to tilt my head to right, without realizing, to center my view with my Left eye when watching TV.

Thought some of you guys could relate but anyway, Ive been researching and it looks like I cant get a CDL permit with only one good eye. The doctor might let you pass and sign off on your certificate but i dont know. Can anyone confirm this? I have to cough up $40 for the medical to possibly fail...

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Howdy and...

Unread post by Willis » Sat Mar 09, 2013 5:43 am

There seems to be some contradictory information on our site. We have some who have had difficulties obtaining a CDL and some who've been successful in qualifying for the license. A Google Site Search on for "cdl" brings back more than 40 hits
You might use some other search terms.

The only user that comes to mind who has a CDL is Meat Wagon. You might send him a PM or email. there are others but the names escape me.

Lol, your inconveniences related to driving are certainly familiar. It's a good thing or noggins are set on a pretty good swivel.

Good luck and let us know things shake out.
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Unread post by Halfbusted » Sat Mar 09, 2013 1:16 pm

I have had a CDL. It was a long time ago (about 1974) I too turn my head to the right, and I didn't realize it until one day I had a "crick" in my neck, when I got in the car to drive, I noticed the pain in my neck, I asked my wife if I always drove with my head turned and she said "always"
If you really want to be a professional driver, by all means go for the exam. It's been my experience that it is better to try and fail than not try and wonder what might have been.

Interesting fact: I have held drivers licenses in 3 different states, the first NY had no restriction on one-eye driving, the second FL (where I had a Chauffeurs license) required me to have "outside rear view mirror" (side not specified) and Maine where I am required to have a "right hand outside rear view mirror" I once received a ticket from a Me state trouper for driving a car without one, as all you who are missing their right eye know (Ok I guess you Lefty's know too) the hardest thing to do (because you have to take your eye completely off the road) is look at that mirror while driving (the trouper said he thought it was a "stupid" law, but it didn't stop him from writing me up)!

Good luck to you whatever you decide.

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Unread post by infinite9 » Mon Mar 11, 2013 4:03 pm

well its settled. i spoke with the clinic and they confirmed that you need vision in both eyes for a CDL. guess i need another career choice. thank you guys for the help!

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