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Unread post by gabrielboff » Thu Jun 22, 2017 8:30 pm

Hello all,
i am writing on behalf of my son who is 4 and has a prosthetic right eye. His name is Gabriel and I sometimes check in on this group but would like to make it official. Gabriel lost his eye as an infant, he was born with a small eye which became infected and was removed. He is adopted from china and came to me at 16 months. We have had a prosthetic for over 2 years and he is not at all happy about having it removed, cleaned, or tampered with in any way. It often has a discharge and he is on antibiotic eye drops way too often. Now, he is complaining that his cheek hurts... is this common? We cannot find anything that can be causing it and it seems to come and go. We have had Andy Gougelman make his prosthetic - Love him :) but he is so far away from us that we had Ray Peters (RIP) make his last eye. We now have Ray's apprentice helping us out who seems to be very thorough. It is hard to really know what too do sometimes. Our eye surgeon who is monitoring Gabriel is Dr. Tse in Florida. Sometimes i have questions and hope there is someone here that is able to help. Currently the question is the constant discharge and pain in the cheek. Poor kid also doesn't like dentists so it is nothing personal with any of the doctors. Thanks for listening and if anyone is in Naples, Florida or Saratoga Springs Ny please let me know. We can be found it either place depending on the month! Gabe's mom, Connie

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Re: introduction

Unread post by MikePousson » Fri Jun 23, 2017 12:50 am

Welcome Gabes mom. Maybe Dr Slonim will weigh in on your question about the discharge and painful cheek. Has Dr Tse given an opinion? As an alternative to fiddling with the prosthesis to clean it, maybe a gentle shower with the water spraying the top of his head and running down the forehead.
Keep in touch. Good luck
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Re: introduction

Unread post by Lil » Fri Jun 23, 2017 7:13 pm

hi Connie...I rarely take out my prosthetic eye..I take a shower to rinse, like Mike, with it in or sometimes I take a gauze pad and wet it with warm soothing water, only, and wipe from outer corner to inner towards my works great...every six months I go to Mager and Gougelman on Long Island, for a cleaning and polishing...I think the less you mess with taking it out and putting it back he just might feel better and maybe less pain in his cheek...Lil
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Re: introduction

Unread post by Therra » Sat Aug 12, 2017 12:10 am

Hello Connie,
like your son, I was quite young when I lost my eye and I didn't like having my eye taken out for cleaning, too. I prefere to wipe the yellowish stuff (you know what I mean) out with a wet cotton stick or pad and I rarely take it out.
Against the discharge: I find it helpful to keep the eye wetted. I'm currently using a spray (like "tears again") instead of eyedrops. It's just more convenient!
Best wishes, Therra
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